I have NO CLUE how to play or even where to start learning how to play other than maybe take some lessons. Having said that, one day while browsing YouTube I came across a video on the Vectric channel and it wasn’t so much about building my own guitar as it was the intrigue of “could I do that?”

So, I followed step by step and low and behold, I made a neck and fret board. Well, I can’t do anything with that, so, I had to model a body. For my first I found some plans online and made what is referred to as a “Stratocaster” body…(I think). I also designed and modeled a Stratocaster design as one piece body and neck.

All I can say is that I now have a new OBSESSION….Oh yeah, it’s ABSOLUTELY an OBSESSION…Stratocasters, Les Pauls, you name it, I’m trying it. 6 Guitars now as of this post and I’m modeling my 7th now. Don’t worry, I’ve shot video and hope to get them up on YouTube soon.

This is one of the “Les Pauls” I am doing now.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and more to come !!!!


PS….Thanks to Vectric, and Tim Sway. Tim’s videos have been a REAL INSPIRATION on this journey. Maybe one day I can send him one to see if my guitars really sound good when someone who KNOWS how to play plays them. THANKS TIM !!!!

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Guess I’ll Start

I don’t have much to say right now, but everyone says “start a blog”, so here I go. I guess it is all about the content you put out and what better platform than WordPress to use in an effort to organize thoughts and get more information out to those that support my efforts.

Anyway, again, not much to say other than here we go, and thanks for all the support!!!

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